Database Management


In today’s business landscape, data is a core business asset of significant value to the enterprise. Enterprise data management is viewed as a complex and long-drawn problem that intensifies with changing businesses and the IT landscape.

3AMITSolutions Data Management Suite offers tool sets to address the problems of data quality with features to manage models and unearth, analyze, measure, cleanse and standardize data sets, while identifying unique customers.

The Data Management Suite comprises the following products:
  • Data quality manager : Cleanses and reduplicates customer master data, vendor master data and product master data
  • Data Profiler : Facilitates data quality analysis and monitoring capabilities across different data subject areas
  • Data Modeler : Is an ER diagramming tool based on model-driven development
  • Enterprise Data Manager: Is a tool that enables you to manage your metadata as well as govern the quality of your enterprise data
The following key features are available as a part of these products:
  • Profile, cleanse, standardize and de-duplicate data across databases
  • Provide user flexibility to define own rules for profiling and cleansing of data
  • Provide business rules-based multi columnar profiling to generate effective data quality scores
  • Create, maintain and deploy enterprise data models with support for multiple technologies
  • Get detailed reporting and analysis capabilities with drill downs
  • Provide an end-to-end capability to manage enterprise data by “loosely coupled, tightly integrated” philosophy
  • Enable the co-existence of multiple tools with tight integration of metadata
  • The Data Management Suite, with a technology architecture founded on interoperability and inerrability, lean resource consumption and customization